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Recruitment Tips for Residential Care Settings

BY Cahoot Marketing – 3 YEARS AGO

key things residential care providers can focus on to attract their ideal recruits.

As the social care sector continues to weather what has been described by some as ‘a perfect storm’ when it comes to recruitment, we take a look at some of the key things residential care providers can focus on to attract their ideal recruits.

Salary matters (but not as much as you think)

It would be easy to say that the thing that most prospective employees are looking for is the best pay. While it’s true that we could all do with more money at the end of the month, a
recent article in Forbes quotes a report by the Boston Consulting Group that found that pay came in way down the list. That said, the offer of a competitive salary will always help grab people’s attention.

Modern management

Of course, it is vital for any organisation to have strong leadership but, thankfully, the days of the whip-cracking taskmaster approach are over. In these more enlightened times, employees are looking for managers who can communicate the wider vision of the business, and enable and empower their teams to cooperatively realise that vision.

Great team culture

After nearly 15 years working closely with a broad range of care homes across the south of England, the most effusive feedback (and indeed the biggest gripe) I have noticed is all about the team ethos. Those care homes where everyone felt valued and supported were the ones that saw much greater staff retention and more empowered teams. As mentioned above, this should be driven by management but every single member of staff needs to have their voice heard because, as much of a cliche as it might be, team work really does make the dream work.

A drive for development

Empowering team members to continually learn and grow is vitally important when it comes to recruiting and, perhaps more importantly, for retaining quality staff. According to Skills for Care, “well-trained and dedicated staff contribute to the delivery of high-quality,
person-centred care and support.” When you consider the costs of continually having to
recruit new people, the investment in staff training pays for itself in the long run.

Benefits that go beyond money

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people were furloughed or working from home, the pressure that fell onto the teams in residential care settings was immense. There were many stories of care staff sacrificing family connections in order to protect the
residents they cared for.

In response to this, some care companies offered resources catered to the physical and
emotional support of their teams; from pilates and yoga to mindfulness courses and access to free confidential support lines. These details can make all the difference when recruiting and
retaining a workforce.

The whole package

There’s no getting away from it, paying a competitive salary is important, especially when the headlines are constantly screaming about rising prices of food and services. But it isn’t just about a pay packet at the end of the month. As we mentioned previously, many people are looking for a career in care, not just a job. So long-term benefits, such as a pension, are also key factors to consider.

All of these factors can, and will, improve your chances of finding quality employees. By
investing time and resources in enabling and upskilling your teams so that they can flourish
together, you’re far more likely to keep hold of them once you’ve found them.

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