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Lockdown tips: 4 ways to stay healthy in body and mind

BY Cahoot Marketing – 4 YEARS AGO

We’re on week 2 of the lockdown. How are you feeling? Frustrated? Edgy? Like you’re stuck in a surreal, alternate reality of your life? We’re right there with you.

Having the week off from work to slouch on the couch can feel like a slice of heaven. But being told you shouldn’t go out, that you can’t get on with your usual day and that there is no clear end sight, well, that can do a real number on your head. And when your mind is in disarray, it isn’t good news for your body either.

That’s why in part 2 of our Lockdown blog series we’ve put together 4 ways to de-stress, stay sane and stay healthy.

Tip #1 Meditation that works even if meditation isn’t your bag

Have you heard one too many friends rhapsodise about the benefits of meditation? Found yourself rolling your eyes despite knowing that it really can help you relax? Well, active meditation could be just the thing for you. You don’t need to strike a yogic pose or don any yoga pants.

Instead, during your Government-sanctioned once-a-day walk (I know, how times have changed), leave your phone at home and focus on the details around you: the colour of the sky, the sounds around you, the impact of your feet as they hit the pavement. And that’s it, you’re meditating.

And, if you love a good freebie (and who doesn’t?), you can also tune into some meditation sessions from 2 of the top meditation apps around, Headspace and Calm, who are now both offering free content.

Tip #2 Writing to right your mind

Stream of consciousness writing sounds more high-falutin than it actually is. Invented at the turn of the 19th Century, it involves picking up a pen and paper and writing down whatever pops into your mind until you fill a page or two, you set the limit. It doesn’t need to make sense. Grammar, spelling, none of that matters. You aren’t being graded. This is just a way to get all those thoughts in your head onto paper. If you’re a morning lark, do it as soon as you wake up. If you’re a night owl, do it just before bedtime.

Tip #3 Take one chair, sit down, do yoga

Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about seated yoga. Great if you can’t quite get your body to sit cross-legged anymore but also if you want to stop for a quick break mid-working from home at your desk. This is a great way to stretch out your muscles and loosen up your body. Here are 10 moves to try today.

Tip #4 Bring the gym into your living room

Before the lockdown were you a regular at circuits? Maybe you were into barre, pilates or boxing. You can still get your heart pumping and your muscles flexing as a whole host of gym studios are now streaming classes you can do at home for free — here are 12 of the big ones.

Take your pick from this mix or try them all and help your body stay healthy and your mind stay happy.

Stay tuned for our next instalment in our Lockdown blog series and in case you missed it, our series kicked off with 4 ways to make working home work for you.

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