What is Care SEO and Does It Matter for Your Business?


How to make sure your website brings in new clients

BY Cahoot Marketing – 4 YEARS AGO

Why your words matter

Does your website show off exactly what’s great about what you do? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then you could be losing out on countless clients. Your website is your shopfront. It conveys your character, your quality and most importantly, it is the gateway to winning over prospective clients.

The first stop for many individuals looking for care for their elderly parent is Google. If they find your website on page one of a Google search — and that is another story — then, hopefully, your website will be their next stop.

So, now they’ve landed on your website, your online shopfront, what does it take to win them over?

Well, it isn’t too far off what you’d expect from any good shopfront. There are 3 key boxes you need to tick:

1. Your website needs to please the eye. You need colours, fonts, imagery and videos that are all in keeping with the identity of your business.

2. Your website needs to draw visitors in. Once a visitor has ‘walked in the door’ or in this case, arrived at your homepage, it needs to be easy for them to get to where they want to be. This means clear signposting so they can find the information they need without endlessly clicking and getting lost in a sea of webpages.

3. Your website needs to talk the talk. This is arguably more important then either of the other 2 boxes we’ve just listed. Style without substance is a sure-fire way to leave prospective clients in doubt of the quality of your care.

So let’s dive deeper into this.

Every sentence counts

When did you last read your own website, word for word? When did you last update its content?

Clients expect up to date information and web copy that is clear, informative, persuasive and productive, all at the same time. That’s no mean feat.

You need to do this on every single page of your website because every page could be the final nudge that converts a prospective client into a paying client.

So what exactly do you need to do to achieve this?

  • You need to research keywords (words users pop into a Google search to find services such as yours) and include a healthy spread of them throughout your web copy. This doesn’t just help prospective clients find your website but it reassures them that they’re in the right place when they get there.

  • You need to think about the different personas of your prospective clients and put yourself in their shoes. Your copy needs to address their concerns, their needs and their burning questions.

  • You need to speak to your prospective clients about what you can do for them. Every feature of your service should be phrased as a benefit to them.

  • You need to layout your copy so it can be easily digested — the less effort it takes for prospective clients to learn what they need to know, the better. This means short but meaningful prose, text broken up into chunks, bullet points where appropriate, headings and subheadings.

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