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How to convince your healthcare clients that they need to get on Instagram

BY Cahoot Marketing – 5 YEARS AGO

The power of Instagram

Teens and almost-adults posting pouting selfies and food porn. That’s the stereotype of Instagram that you’ll be up against when trying to convince your healthcare clients that they really should be on it.

Cold hard facts can help break down that stereotype. So here’s a few to get you started:

Of the 20 million plus UK users of Instagram, 49% are aged between 25 and 44.

That’s over 10 million people who are the ones calling the shots when it comes to the health of themselves and their family.

8 out of 10 users follow a business on Instagram and half of all users are on it every day.

That’s quite a captive audience to market to.

But let’s face facts, healthcare is not like every other business.

It isn’t all about making a sale or plugging a product. Your clients are providing a dedicated service in a highly regulated industry.

They rely on patients putting their trust in them and are always being watched by the eagle-eyed GMC, GDC, GOC and CQC.

And that isn’t all. They’ve got the ASA ready to pounce at the slightest hint of misleading marketing. As if that wasn’t enough, the EU’s GDPR is now cracking down on data protection.

So why should your clients bother with Instagram?

  • Done the right way, they can make a name for their business as a source of reliable, relatable healthcare advice and information.

In a world full of fake news and misleading Internet rabbit holes, they can stand out and make a real difference.

  • Done the right way, they can build trust and credibility with potential patients, without risking their privacy or breaching data protection.

As a visible, active part of a potential patient’s Instagram experience, users can get to know their business before they walk in the door.

  • Done the right way, they can attract staff who care about the bigger picture and value a modern approach to public health education.

With the best and the brightest on their team, they can deliver an excellent service to existing patients, who will spread the word to get in new ones.

Sound convincing enough?

Weaving all of that into your compelling pitch, with your no doubt flawless delivery, and you’re certain to win them over. Hurrah!

Now it’s down to the hard graft of putting together those eye-catching Instagram posts, while keeping the regulators happy.

At Cahoot, that’s what we do, the right way, day in, day out, as a white label healthcare marketing agency.

Yes, healthcare is full of red tape, rules and regulations. But when you know how to stay on the right side of it all, Instagram becomes a powerful, visual medium to broadcast your clients’ services and value.

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